Higher Education in Russia

Higher Education
Russia is famous for revolutionizing the whole higher educational system through the Bologna Process Model. They have an old model of higher education which was stretched through five years. But since 2007, the system has been changed and now it is divided mainly in 4-year bachelor’s degree course and a 2-year master’s degree course. While we are talking about the higher educational scene of Russia, we should mention it on the very first place that the technical and career oriented courses are more popular there in the tertiary level education, compared to some traditional courses. Moreover the government provides subsidized higher education to some of the brilliant students in the country. The race to avail that is pretty fierce in the country.

The higher educational system in Russia is regulated by the colleges and universities like any other country. Whereas the universities are oriented in creating rules and regulations, framing of the syllabus, etc. the colleges provide the education and interact directly to the students. The colleges need to be under the affiliation of some leading university and the successful candidates are provided with the degree only from the university. The higher educational institutes are either funded by the government, or there are some private higher educational institutes. There are special colleges in Russia, which provide education in one subject only.

The higher educational system follows a particular hierarchy for all the subjects in Russia. The basic level course for the tertiary level education in Russia is the graduation course. To apply for the graduate level course the candidates need to pass the 10+2 level education. The graduates are eligible to apply for the postgraduate or master’s degree courses. If you are interested to do research oriented works in future, you need to pursue either doctoral or post-doctoral courses.