Accommodation in Russia

H clipboard Accommodation for International Students in Russia

 International students visit in great numbers every year. Hence it is essential that they get quality arrangement of accommodations. Security for the international students is another essential part, while arranging for the accommodation. Thankfully, the whole education system and most importantly the society of Russia are very frank and friendly towards the students. So, even the international students feel safe, and home outside the home, while pursuing an educational course in Russia. Here, in this article, we will discuss a little about various modes of accommodations for the international students in Russia.

 Firstly, the students can go for the accommodations provided by the universities. The best part about these types of accommodations is that the students don’t need to work hard in finding an accommodation in Russia. There are some educational institutes in Russia, where it is mandatory to opt for the accommodation provided by the university itself. These are the residential colleges. But in some other universities and colleges in Russia, it is not mandatory to opt for these types of accommodation. If you are residing in the hostel of a public college, then it will be a wise decision to opt for the university accommodation, as it will cost you lesser.

 There is another type of accommodation, which is known as the private accommodation. To avail these kinds of accommodations, you need to start your homework way before leaving your own country. You can find some options for the private accommodations online through some popular search engines. You can find them through the local classified website or yellow pages of Russia. If you are not successful in that, you must contact a broker in Russia and book an apartment or PG. But make sure that the broker is authorized before making any kind of monetary transaction.  
 Living Expenses
 Each student should carry $1600 with him/her for food and other pocket expenses per year.the students are advised to take medical insurance which may cost about 200 $ per year.