Admission Procedure and Requirements in Russia

Admission Procedure

 As a student counselor, I often face a question about the ways to get an admission in a leading Russian educational institute. So I decide to write an article on the admission procedures and the requirements in the Russian education institutes. On the very first place, it should be mentioned that the requirements to get an admission are four-fold. They are –

 Educational Qualification

 It is essential to meet the educational qualification on the very first place. For example it is essential to pass the bachelor’s degree course to apply for the admission in a master’s degree course. Some of the courses may have the criterion regarding the subject combination. On other hand some of the universities may ask the students to score a certain percentage of minimum marks.

 Entrance examination

 As the seats are few and the eligible candidates are so many for those, the educational institutes organize an entrance test for the eligible candidates. The international students appear on those entrance tests online. Some of the universities consider the performance of the student in academic career and the entrance to publish a merit list. Only the best students are given an opportunity to take admission.

 Proficiency Test

 The education ministry of Russian government conducts some proficiency tests. During those proficiency tests, the general aptitude of the candidate is tested. It is also tested if the candidate is really eligible to pursue an educational course in Russia.

 Student’s visa

 The Russian government gives you the permission to pursue the educational course through the student’s visa granted by the Russian government at the native country of the student. You need to apply for the student’s visa online. This visa will also make you eligible to do part-time jobs while pursuing the educational course in Russia.