Admission Requirements in Canada

Admission Procedure in Canada
To study in the Canada, the students need to meet definite academic requirements and offering proof of the health and finance. In Canada, almost every college and university has its own admission requirements. Qualifications from diverse countries are documented differently in every institution and province. Evaluation services are given by the agencies across country. For fee, an assessment service may be performed to assess how the qualifications match the qualifications documented in Canada. It is significant to make sure that your selected institution accepts your assessment and recognizes agency your assessment came from. Therefore, it is desirable to ask the institute admissions cell for deciding which assessment agency to choose.

The student must request for the application form through institute in which the admissions are needed. It can be done through telephone, email, or downloaded by student from institute website. A finished form need to be sent to admissions office with the supporting documents as well as fees, needed by institute. If application gets success, then student will get the admission offer that he/she may either accept or refuse. Admissions office will send the visa and student authorization forms also. It is significant to apply for any institution minimum 15 months before the admission dates.

When a student applies for the Canadian institution, a secondary school transcripts or reports are needed. If a student applies from the non-English-speaking country, then these need to be translated into English by the school official. Students from the non-English-speaking countries are needed to complete TOEFL, IELTS, CAEL, or CANTEST to prove expertise. After that student is needed to submit letter of recommendation through a counselor or teacher, who knows him/her well and has taught him/her professionally in the subject associated to your application option. The letter must be thorough account of the student as a person as well as your academic success, listing your positive attributes and strengths. It is suggested that you consist of two letters with the application form. The ‘last but not the least’ thing you need is statement of purpose that is most important for the application process. It is a personal dissertation written by student that outlines why the Canada is selected as the study abroad destination as well as what might make you good student for institution and course selected.

Language proficiency 

all canadian Universities/colleges/Unversity-colleges require evidence of proficiency i the language of instruction, either English or French. 
generally TOFEL scores of 213-237, or IELTS band of 6.0-6.5 are expected for TOFEL information in india, you may contact:
sylvan Testing centre, phone:2609-0637/ www.toefl.orgAdmission 
Admisssion requirements:
Programs: Business
Level : Undergraduate/Bachelors Level. Eligibility:
Min.70% in 12th Grade
Min 65% in 12th Grade level Math
TOEFL 213 +or IELTS min 6.5 band
Level : Gradyate / Post Graduate Level. Eligihility:
4 yr. bachelors degree, 1st division
2 to 3 yrs. of full time work experience
GMAT score-580 +
TOTAL -213 + OR ielts 6.5 band
Level:Diploma. Eligibility:
Flexible admission 
TOEFL-213+ or IELTS -65 band

Programs: Computer Science
Level : Undergraduate / Bachelors Level Eligibility:
Min. 65% in 12th Grade
Min 65% in 12th Grade Level Math
TOEFL 213 + or IELTS min 6.5 band
Level: Graduate / Post Graduate Level . Eligibility:
4 yr Bachelors Degree ( preferably in Computer Science) , 1st division
TOEFL-213 + or IELTS -6.5 band
GRE score ( if required by the university)
Level: Diploma . Eligibility:
Flexible admission
12th Grade Math
TOEFL-213 + or IELTS 65 band

Programs: Engineering
Leve l: Undergraduate/ Bachelors. Eligibility:
Min. 70 % in 12th Grade
Min 70% in 12 Grade level Math ( algebra, Calculus, Geometry),
Physics, Chemistry and English
TOEFL-213 + or IELTS -min 6.5 band
Level: Graduate/ Post Graduate. Eligibility:
4 yr. bachelors degree in engineering 1st division
TOEFL-213 + Or IELTS 6.5 band
GRE score ( if required by teh University)

Program: Fine Arts 
Level : Undergraduate/ Bachelors. Eligibility:
Min. 65% in 12th Grade
TOEFL-213 _ or IELTS min 6.5 band
Portfolio/documentary evidence or creative skills
level: Graduate/ Post Graduate Eligibility:
4 yr. bachelors degree in Fine Arts
TOEFL-213 _ or IELTS min 6.5 band
Recommended work experience
Level: Diploma Eligibility
Flexible admission
TOEFL-213 _ or IELTS min 6.5 band

Program: Media/Communications
Level : Undergraduate/Bachelors. Eligibility:
Min 65% in 12th Grade
Either TOEFL 213 + or IELTS-min 6.5 band
Level: Graduate/Post Graduate . Eligibility:
4 yr. bachelors degree in Fine Arts
TOEFL-213 _ or IELTS min 6.5 band
Portfolio-Work experience is an added advantage
Some institutions may require written samples of published work 
Level:Diploma . Eligibility:
Flexible admission
TOEFL-213 _ or IELTS min 6.5 band
Computer skills
Recommended evidence of writing skills