Read About Canada before Study there

About Canada
Canada occupies great portion of the North America, is having an assorted history. This country is enriched in culture and arts. English and French are both federally authorized languages inside the country and Canadian government stands strong democracy, which has had huge effect on country’s current society. In spite of several similarities to the southern American counterpart, the Canada has exclusive history and culture. Canada’s sturdy heritage offers different educational opportunities. There are several authoritative resources accessible on the Canadian culture for person, which might like to turn into more familiar about subject.

Some Facts
 • Canada is a part of the North America
 • It is second largest country in terms of area in the world
 • It has 3 territories and 10 provinces
 • Leader of the Canada is known as Prime Minister
 • Symbols of Canada include the beaver and maple leaf

Canada is a part of the North America now. Long time ago, it belonged to the Great Britain. Over the time, parts of country joined and wanted to make their individual government. On 1st July, 1867 British government has approved the plan that permitted Canada to become the independent country having its own government. The new nation that remained faithful to the Britain was named Dominion of Canada. At that time, Dominion of Canada had merely four provinces (Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia). Today, it has 3 territories and 10 provinces. Leader of the Canada is named as the Prime Minister. Canada is ruled by the democratically selected House of Commons as well as the appointed Senate

Canada is amongst world’s wealthiest nations having high per-capita income. It is also the member of OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), G8, and is amongst top-ten trading nations in the world. Canada is having mixed economy and ranked above US as well as most of western European nations in index of Heritage Foundation of economic freedom. The biggest foreign importers of the Canadian goods are United States, United Kingdom, and Japan.